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VOELKEL Corporation LLC, owned by Vox Industries SCSp, is the exclusive distributor of the VOX brand in the United States and Canada.  VOX is a highly innovative brand Integrating Design Thinking, education and research, design, manufacturing and distribution in the home furnishings and building materials industries throughout Europe, much of Asia, and recently North America.

VOX Industries SCSp owns VOX Capital Group, Including   VOX Furniture, Doors and Floors VOX and VOX Profiles.  Each of These companies is a leader in innovation and creativity in its category.

The mission of the VOX brand: Co-create products and interiors with customers, rendering a sense of freedom and enabling the fulfillment of Their life passions.

Furniture and home furnishings from VOX are designed using the Design Thinking methodology, knowledge from different disciplines of the humanities and research of human needs. This approach produces unique solutions supporting our customers in the creation of Their dreams.

The VOX Capital Group includes companies operating in related industries, providing customers with materials for home construction and diverse collections of furniture and decorative items. 

VOX Profiles has been operating in the building materials and interior design market since 1992, becoming a leading Polish producer of PVC, with factories in Poland, Belarus and Romania. Distribution includes the entire European Union and the countries of Eastern Europe and Asia.

VOX Profiles is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly manufacturers in Europe, allowing VOX Profiles to make products of unparalleled quality and to adapt to market requirements at competitive prices.

Doors and Floors VOX was founded 17 years ago. With more than 60 locations in Poland, Doors and Floors VOX is at the forefront of the Polish market for doors, floors, wall panels, and windows. At each point of sale, design, delivery, and installation are critical elements of customer care.

Doors and floors VOX also cooperates with the best manufacturers of finishing materials in Poland – nearly 200 certified companies with products of proven quality. Affiliated under the common banner of Service VOX, Doors and floors VOX offers training courses culminating in certification from leading Polish manufacturers. In Addition, VOX Service provides professional uniforms, and assists in obtaining orders.

Investments in recent years have increased the quality of manufactured items, with significantly improved performance in the upgraded wood processing line and dryer.

The company delivers its products to a network of trade outlets associated with the construction and wood industry throughout Poland. It cooperates with the largest manufacturers in the country on gardening programs, supplies components to several furniture factories, and also manufactures products available in DIY networks. In addition to the Polish market, it has customers in: England, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, and Germany.

All products meet the Necessary Requirements and approvals, Including the CE safety mark. The production plant is environmentally friendly, and carefully selected raw wood comes from forests subject to Restrictive FSC regulations.